Serra, which made an ambitious entry into the Turkish ceramics sector in 2012, aims to soon become an important player in the world ceramics marketplace thanks to its approaches to design, quality and technology, and its world-class manufacturing concepts.

Serra, while providing diversified creative and architectural solutions to professionals and to consumers thanks to its diverse products and larger dimensions, it aims to differentiate itself in the sector with its technology, quality, design, color and texture.

Serra, working with the best designers in Turkey and in the world, engages well-known design firms from Italy and Spain.

The wide range of products offered by Serra to appeal to all tastes also provides an opportunity for the ceramics sector to be shaped by a new understanding. Serra moves ceramics into new areas of use, and transforms interiors into works of art.


In minimalist designs and colorful arrangements, in three dimensional designs and pure white, we have products to appeal to all tastes. Please click here to browse our products. click here


In addition to those in Turkey, we work with design firms that are active throughout the world. Interiors are designed by the in-house design team at Seranit.


Aquanit Shower Tile Application Film
Aquanit Porcelain Shower Tile
Serra Ceramic ArchiTiles Collection
Serra Ceramic Perfection. Forever.
Serra Ceramic Backstage
Serra Ceramic Perfection. Now.
Seranit and Serra TSE Double Star Certificate